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The Empire Mortgage Hard Money Loan Programs provide competitive pricing, creative solutions and dependable service for Hard Money Loans. We interact with mortgage bankers, brokers and borrowers to provide residential, land and selected commercial hard money loans that work. The professionals at Empire Mortgage offer the knowledge, service and creativity to provide hard money loans with competitive terms and quick closings.

Common Sense Wholesale Lender in Maryland & Virginia

Below 600 FICOís

Up to 60% LTVís on larger SFR Property values

Verified Income

Must have demonstrated ability to repay the loan

Low Rates and Quick Closings

$165,000 to $1MM++ Loan Sizes

$350,000 Minimum Property Value

Scenarios and Collateral Types

Residential, Raw Land and Selected Commercial Properties

††††† > No Environmental Risks

Cross-Collateralization Flexibility

No Prepayment Penalties on Certain Maryland Residential Loans

Hard Money Made Easy

No 1003 Required with Preliminary Submission

No Appraisal Required with Preliminary Submission

Demonstrated Ability To Repay

Simply click on the link below to fill out our Online Submission Form

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Hard Money Online Form

Licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission Ė License # ML721

Charlie Hodge
Vice President

(800) 785 6499 x142
(410) 510 1176 (Desktop Fax)